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An authentic, creative hospitality recruiting firm that is able to find alternative ways to succeed, discarding broken paths and quickly seeing the blueprints to build an organization’s talent brand by applying storytelling concepts and resourcefulness.

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We specialize in becoming your partner for success in making the right decisions to build your talent brand.

Contingency based Search
Our contingency-based search is a % based program that is based on the first year’s annual base salary. This is billed once and paid in net 30.
This comes with a phenomenal refill guarantee as well.

Retained search
This is a unique pricing structure where the fee is based on a %, then paid out over 4 months. There is a start-up fee added to this program.
This is a new program, and we would love to tell you more


You are the lifeblood of your next organization. We would be happy to consult with you on your next opportunity and see if we can help you go down the right path.

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Our team

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John is more than a very talented and knowledgeable recruiter, he is also a tireless advocate for his clients.


I have worked with John to assist with placing some of the most important positions at my hotels and he has consistently provided superior candidates.


John is an amazing partner to work with! A true professional with an amazing passion for finding, recruiting and retaining exemplary talent.


John Carpenter

John is a hard working humble individual that prides himself in helping others succeed. Originally he began his career in retail, but then jumped into recruitment. The hospitality industry interests him in particular because it allows people to take care of others on a daily basis and has stood the test of time, since people will always travel and always eat!

Being able to meet new people from new places and learn about their markets is what he enjoys most about his career. Recruitment combines his passion of learning about others and understanding what makes them tick with thinking outside the box and helping people.

Josh Green

Josh is a creative, fun loving, dedicated person who is willing to go the extra mile to help anyone. He enjoys recruitment most because it allows him to help others obtain their dream job by placing them in a better position to progress in their careers. Snelling Hospitality has helped Josh grow as an individual as well as provide him with a sense of community.

His creativity through art, music, and food influence his day to day, allowing him to connect with others in a unique way. By working with people from all over the world, Josh is able to learn about their influences and backgrounds behind their decision of choosing hospitality.

Francesca Hardoby

Francesca is a passionate creative that truly enjoys being in the business of helping people. Since beginning her career in hospitality, she has always brought positivity to the workplace that motivates others to embrace any challenge and success. Transitioning into recruitment has allowed Francesca to use her industry knowledge to better understand and match candidates to companies and vice versa.

The hospitality industry has opened doors for her to meet great people, learn new brands, and experience diverse places. With a strong passion for traveling, food, and networking, recruiting for hospitality just made sense.

Elise Christensen

Elise is a recent graduate from Florida State University with a true dedication for the customer service industry. Her enthusiasm and strong commitment to quality performance, contributes to her strive to achieve perfection through the balance of quality, consistency, and passion. Having always been a people person, Elise excels in recruitment by helping others find their “perfect fit” of a job.

Her love for the hospitality industry stems from her experience in the private club sector as well as her childhood passion for all things culinary and food related. Through this path, she has learned to provide high levels of service and to exceed expectations in all that she does.

Interview Prep

In a job interview, there are plenty of ways to prove to a hiring manager that you’re a great fit for the role – highlighting your career wins and achievements, sharing your insights about the industry, aligning yourself with the company’s values, and so on.

Step 1: Research
Familiarize yourself with the hotel and management company prior to your interview.

Visit the website, any news articles or stories, and their social media pages.

Also, Write out a list of questions that you can ask about the property during the interview.


How is the team set up?

What goals would be expected of me? How will they be measured?

What challenges has the property faced?

What is the Rev Par Index?

Where are the current GSS scores at the properties?

Step 2: The Interview
Smile. Your body language shows how confident and interested you really are, even on the phone.

Take time to listen to the questions being asked so you answer them thoroughly.

Prepare to discuss how you generated revenue and/or executed a plan at your previous property.

You might want to refer to contacts you have in the area (generally speaking).

When discussing past employment, focus on positives ending w/ a short negative, if necessary.

Ask questions about the properties. It shows your interest and keeps in mind, this is your opportunity to gain information too.

Step 3: Closing the Interview
Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet him/her

Express your interest in the company and in the position.

(Say, "I am excited about this opportunity." "I am eager to join your team.")

Regarding Salary

-Please don’t bring up salary unless the interviewer asks you.

-When answering a salary question please stay neutral and keep in mind;

· Be honest, if they ask let them know your current/previous salary

· Stay neutral, give a salary range

-Shy away from the “gimmie” questions

Step 4: After the interview:
Send a thank-you e-mail to the interviewer, Their email has been sent to you in the confirmation

We will follow up with the interviewer as soon as we hear from you.

We will obtain all details about benefits, bonuses, vacation time, and perks.

Our experienced staff will negotiate the highest salary and benefits package on your behalf.

Snelling Hospitality will contact you as soon as we receive an offer for employment from the hiring authority.

We will ensure that you have all of the necessary details about the job and the company prior to accepting a position

Open Positions

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