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Executive Search Process

We specialize in becoming your partner for success in making the right decisions to build your talent brand.


Learn your needs and determie a plan of action based around your criteria 


We create our plan and path to your successful candidate


Recruit and select the best candidates for your needs based on criteria 


We set up interviews and bridge the gap for the entire process 

Executive Search Cost

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Our service works like this: We charge a percentage of the annual base salary of the candidate we find for you.
You'll get the bill when your new team member starts and have 30 days to pay it.

  • We specialize in guiding companies through the maze of recruiting top-tier talent to elevate their organizations.

  • With our extensive networks and deep industry knowledge, we excel at sourcing elusive candidates who can make a difference. Count on us to bolster your talent acquisition efforts and provide the support you need to build a stellar team.

At Snelling Hospitality, we don't just find candidates; we build success stories. 

Our commitment goes beyond traditional recruiting—we are your strategic partner in talent acquisition and retention.

1. Unparalleled Expertise:
Benefit from a team of industry specialists with extensive knowledge in your field. We understand the unique challenges of your industry, ensuring we identify and deliver candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.

2. Customized Solutions:
No two organizations are alike, and neither are their talent needs. Our personalized approach tailors recruiting strategies to your company's culture, goals, and specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of new talent into your team.

3. Time-Efficient Processes:
Time is money. Our streamlined and efficient recruitment processes minimize downtime, enabling you to focus on what matters most—growing your business. We leverage cutting-edge technology and a vast network to quickly connect you with top-tier candidates.

4. Talent Pipeline Management:
Our proactive approach doesn't end with filling current vacancies. We help you build and maintain a robust talent pipeline, ensuring a constant influx of skilled professionals who align with your long-term goals.

5. Focus on Diversity and Inclusion:
We understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond ticking boxes—it's ingrained in our processes to deliver candidates that bring varied perspectives and drive innovation within your organization.

6. Exceptional Candidate Experience:
A positive candidate experience is crucial for your employer brand. We prioritize communication, transparency, and respect throughout the hiring process, leaving candidates with a lasting positive impression of your company.

7. Continuous Support:
Our partnership doesn't end with a successful placement. We provide ongoing support, monitoring the success of our placements and addressing any challenges that may arise, ensuring long-term satisfaction for both clients and candidates.

Choose Snelling Hospitality for a partnership that goes beyond the traditional recruiting model.

Find out more about Snelling Hospitality 

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