John Carpenter

Executive Recruiter/VP of Operations

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John is a six time award winning specialist and has worked with some of the best management companies in the United States for the last 6 years.

He has always been in the service industry and loves working with people on a daily basis.

How John can help:

•    John and team will search and conduct the first screened interview then share only qualified candidates with you, most of the time in 36-72 hours

•   They will assist with coordinating your phone and in person interviews.

•   They perform reference checks for candidates you are interested in making an offer to.

About Snelling Hospitality

·We have been recruiting in the hospitality business for over 18 years

·We place over 120 qualified candidates each year

·We have more than 100 unique clients

·On average we fill your orders in less than 45 days

·97% of our candidates make it past the probationary period