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The Club with Snelling Hospitality is a branch specializing in talent acquisition for the private club sector.


Partner with our private club specialist and place top leadership and management talent for your club.

How It Works

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Elise Christensen

Executive Search Consultant - Luxury & Boutique Resorts

For over 9 years, Elise has worked, networked, and formed connections within the hospitality and club industry. Being a south Florida native, she has been immersed in clubs her entire life and developed a true passion for serving others and for the hospitality industry as a whole. Having built such an appreciation for the club culture, Elise wanted to specialize her career into the private club sector. Elise received her B.S. Degree at Florida State University, with Global Club Management and Leadership. Going above and beyond expectations of customer service is something she strives for. Elise has a deep understanding that each club is unique and has different needs in finding the proper fit.

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