Snelling Task Force Solutions for Employers

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Advantages of using a Task Force/Contracted Hospitality Professional include:

  •   Fills a temporary gap in your management team

  • Can quickly assess your market and book high quality revenue business

  • Provides leadership to your team

  • ·Takes pride in accomplishments of identifying new business, driving revenue and market share, and increasing scores 

Common options Hotels offer to a Task Force/Contracted Hospitality Professional

· Airfare or mileage between the executive’s residence and the client’s job site, every two weeks

· Mileage (at the current IRS rate)

· Transportation from the airport to the job site if applicable 

· Car rentals approved in advance by the client if necessary

· Meals on client’s property (excluding alcohol)

· Up to $25 per day for off-site meals

· Laundry/Dry Cleaning at client’s property



Positions Filled

  • General Manager

  • Sales Manager/Catering Sales Manager

  • Director of Catering &/OR Convention Services

  • Director of Sales

  • Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Director of Revenue Management/Revenue Manager

  • Executive Housekeeper

  • Chief Engineer/Director of Engineering

  • Director of Food & Beverage

  • Director of Banquets/Banquet Managers

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Director of Operations

  • Director of restaurants/Restaurant Manager

  • AND Others.. Just ask