Skype Interview Tips


Step 1: Prepare

It is best to know who you are scheduled to Skype with.  Connect with your interviewer on Skype prior to the scheduled interview.


Step 2: Skype Pointers/Research

Here are a few pointers in preparation for a successful interview:

•          Make sure the camera on your computer is level with your face (stack a book/box if needed)

•          Make sure there is nothing distracting behind you (a blank wall is best) 

•          Educate yourself about the hotel and the management company. View their websites, newsletters, and/or LinkedIn profiles to see what exciting plans the company/hotel have in the works.

•          Have a list of questions prepared that you can reference during the interview

•          Take time to listen to the questions being asked so you answer them thoroughly


1.         How is the team set up?

2.         What goals would be expected of me? How will they be measured?

3.         What challenges has the property faced?

4.         What is the Rev Par Index?

5.         Where are the current GSS scores at the properties?

The following article also provide some helpful Skype interviewing tips: USA TODAY

The Presentation

•          Half of the interview is over within the first 30 seconds with the very first impression.

•          Wear a business suit. We have found that limited jewelry is best, the person you are meeting with may be very conservative.)

•          Smile a lot and be aware that your body language shows just how confident and interested you really are.


Closing the Interview

•          Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet him/her.

•          Express your interest in the company and in the position.

(Say, "I am excited about this opportunity." "I am eager to join your team." “When do you expect to make a hiring decision?”)

•          End the interview on positive note. You want to keep all contacts open in the Industry

Follow Up

Your feedback is essential. Send a thank you e-mail to the interviewer.


Notes on Salary:

•          Please don’t bring up salary unless the interviewer asks you.

•          When answering a salary question please stay neutral with a salary range; The interviewer may mention a lower range to test your interest in the salary vs. the property.

•          Be honest, if they ask let them know your current/previous salary

•          When receiving an offer, you want to make a decision on the whole benefits package. Make sure you have details about benefits, bonuses, vacation time and perks.