Interview preparation

In a job interview there are plenty of ways to prove to a hiring manager that you’re a great fit for the role – highlighting your career wins and achievements, sharing your insights about the industry, aligning yourself with the company’s values and so on.



Familiarize yourself with the hotel and management company prior to your interview.   Look up their websites, social media and reviews.

Write out a list of questions that you can ask about the property during the interview.


    1. How is the team set up?

    2. What goals would be expected of me? How will they be measured?

    3. What challenges has the property faced?

    4. What is the Rev Par Index?

    5. Where are the current GSS scores at the properties?

The Interview

Smile. Your body language shows how confident and interested you really are.

  • Take time to listen to the questions being asked so you answer them thoroughly.

  • Prepare to discuss how you generated revenue and/or executed a plan at your previous property.

  • You might want to refer to contacts you have in the area (generally speaking).

  • When discussing past employment, focus on positives ending w/ a short negative, if necessary.

  • Ask questions about the property and team. It shows your interest and keep in mind, this is your opportunity to gain information too.


Closing the Interview

  • Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet him/her

  • Express your interest in the company and in the position. (Say, "I am excited about this opportunity." "I am eager to join your team.")

  • Remain neutral with salary.

  • Send a thank-you e-mail to the interviewer the next day or later that day



Don’t bring up salary unless the interviewer asks you.

  • When answering a salary question please stay neutral and keep in mind;

  • Be honest, if they ask let them know your current/previous salary

  • Stay neutral, give a salary range

  • Keep away from the “gimmie” questions during your initial interview